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About us



In the 1990s, Sulastic Rubber Springs® emerged as a solution to address the persistent challenges of shock and vibration encountered during travel in pickup trucks.


The origin of this innovation stemmed from a convergence of three pivotal factors during that era.


Firstly, Roberto Tapia Espriu, the inventor, was deeply entrenched in managing two family enterprises: one dedicated to tire retreading and the other specializing in OEM’s bus suspension fabrication.


Secondly, Espriu's family operated a sprawling 74-acre ranch, where they raised cattle and cultivated food for their livestock.


Thirdly, Espriu's mother battled osteoporosis, a degenerative bone condition, which rendered long-distance travel arduous for her.


Frequent journeys to the family ranch via pickup trucks were customary, but Espriu's mother often had to forgo these trips due to her health. Moreover, navigating the rugged terrain necessitated vehicles with robust capabilities, ruling out smaller alternatives.


Leveraging his expertise in suspension systems garnered, Espriu devised a solution to mitigate truck shocks, noise and vibrations, thereby enabling his mother to partake in more frequent and extended visits to the ranch.


Upon outfitting the truck with Sulastic shackles, noticeable improvements in ride quality were evident to family friends, suppliers, and customers who shared in the journey. Enthused by these results, they clamored for similar enhancements for their own vehicles, thereby setting in motion the trajectory of Sulastic Rubber Springs® as it stands today.




At Sulastic Rubber Springs® our mission is to make a business profitable by redefining the standards of vehicular comfort, safety, and performance through innovative rubber suspension solutions.


---"We don't just engineer rubber suspensions; we elevate experiences, one ride at a time."----




At Sulastic Rubber Springs® our vision is to elevate every journey, unlocking the full potential of automotive engineering combined with rubber technology and enhancing the lives of drivers and passengers around the globe.