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KA-01 Lowering Kit Rear Axle

SKU: KA-01
Delivery date: 3-5 days
Lower your vehicle up to 1.5" by adding the Lowering Kit to the Sulastic Shackle--- Set includes: 2 Lowering shackles--- Works with: SA-01 / SA-01TI / SA-04 / SA-04HD / SA-04HDD /
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Just remove the stock shackle and replace it with the Sulastic shackle and KA-01 Lowering Kit Rear Axle.


Note: The vehicle leaf springs, frame or hangers doesn't require any modifications.






Q. What type of warranty do you offer?

  1. We issue a limited lifetime warranty against material or labor defects for three years on rubber components, sleeves, and metal washers. And 10 years on the metal, and a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. 


Q. Where can I find the Sulastic Shackles Warranty?

  1. The Sulastic shackles warranty can be found on the last page of the installation guide. (Click Here)

Q. For how long has your product been in the USA market?

  1. Sulastic shackles have been in the market since 2006.

Q. Is a Sulastic Rubber Spring difficult to install?

  1. No, the complete installation process takes between 1-2 hours and only requires a basic set of tools as explained in the installation guides, which you can easily download from this website. We recommend that the installation be performed by a certified mechanic shop.

Q. What could happen to my vehicle if the Sulastic Rubber Spring breaks?

  1. If the rubber fails or detaches from the steel then, the only thing that could happen is that the Sulastic springs will be resting on the working limits and the truck could be unleveled. If this happens remove the Sulastic shackles and reinstall the original shackles.

Q. Do you sell the Sulastic by piece or by the set?

  1. It is sold by set, each set is of two Sulastic shackles which replace the Left and Right stock shackles.

sulastic shackles

Q. Could the truck bed hit the tires if one of the Sulastic Rubber Springs breaks?

  1. No. The vehicle has a limited rubber stop between the axle and the chassis. The rubber stop should prevent contact between the tires and the bed. This situation might be different for trucks that have been modified with lowering kits, larger wheels, etc.

 Q. Is the Sulastic Rubber Springs' performance affected by extreme weather conditions?

  1. No, the Sulastic Rubber Springs has been designed to perform from -60 degrees Fahrenheit up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, however in extreme weather conditions, the life expectancy is reduced. 



bosque     SNOW 


 Q. When should the Sulastic Rubber Spring be replaced?

  1. When the rubber breaks or when the truck is empty, the Sulastic shackle is completely bottomed (SC-Model) in or stretched (SA-Model) out.

 QWhat type of maintenance is required?

  1. The Sulastic Rubber Springs does not need to be cleaned, lubed, or any other kind of maintenance.

 Q. Can the Sulastic Rubber Springs be rebuilt?

  1. No, it can only be recycled.

Q. Is the Sulastic Rubber Spring affected by frequently riding over muddy or sandy conditions?

  1. No, the Sulastic Rubber Springs are protected by an anti-corrosion coating. You should only rinse them with water once in a while when washing your vehicle.

Q. Can I weld the Sulastic Rubber Spring?

  1. No. The rubber can detach from the metal or get damaged when exposed to temperatures over 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q.Can I install my existing Sulastic Rubber Springs on another vehicle?

  1. It is possible, assuming that your new vehicle uses the same Sulastic Part Number. Please use our part locator to verify compatibility.

Q. Will the installation of a Sulastic Rubber Spring void my vehicle's manufacturer warranty?

  1.  No. Manufacturers, distributors, and sales representatives must honor the warranty. However, they are not forced to pay for any damages that might be caused by the Sulastic Rubber Spring.

Q. Does the Sulastic lift or lower my truck when installed?

  1. In some vehicles it can lower or lift the truck by no more than 1/4 an inch at the center of the axle.

Q. Will these affect the load or tow capacity of the truck?

  1. No, the Sulastic won’t affect the load or tow capacity of your truck at all. The product is designed to fit your truck and only helps you with the vibration, balance, and overall driving control.

Q. Does Sulastic offer a long shackle to lower the rear height?

  1. Yes, you can lower your truck by installing a Lowering Kit (KA-01, KA-02, KA-03) in combination with the Sulastic shackle (this combination works only in SA-Models) This combination matches the 3" of extension between the bolts provided by the long shackle or up to 1.5” lower at the axle’s center

Q. What is the expected lifetime of the rubber in the Sulastic shackle?

  1. As an average under normal conditions, the Sulastic lasts about 7-10 years; in severe conditions 3-5 years. However, there have been cases in which they have surpassed 10 years.

Q. Can I paint the Sulastic shackles?

  1. Yes, if it is water-based and does not contain any solvents.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

  1. Yes, if the address and recipient are accepted by the United States Postal Service

Q. Do you offer the service of shipping overnight?

  1. No.

Q. Can I install the Sulastic shackles if my vehicle was modified on the leaf spring suspension components?

  1. Most of the time yes, but Sulastic cannot guarantee the performance of the Sulastic shackles under all modified conditions. Please contact us for further details.

Q. Can I install the Sulastic shackles if my vehicle has installed airbags?

  1. Yes. If the airbags are for the intention to only level the truck and it has kept the same Leaf Spring suspension components.


Q. Can I install the Sulastic shackles if my vehicle was lifted to 2” by using blocks between the leaf spring package and the axle?

  1. Most of the time, yes.


Q. Can I install the Sulastic shackles with other suspension upgrades?

  1. Most of the time they are compatible if the leaf spring suspension is kept.